Text-For-Free for you to send SMS for free. Best ranking, #3 in social networking, May 2009

Text-for-Free allows you to text SMS message for free, via email !! On your iTouch or iPhone. The application is very easy to use: 1. Enter phone number or select from your contact list. 2. Enter in message - with big keyboard. 3. Click send. You will choose the carrier ( AT&T, Verizon etc.) ONLY THE FIRST TIME using a phone number. If you don't know the carrier, you can select "send to all carriers". The application sends the SMS text through your email account, you will get response back to your texts. You may forward, insert any website or picture links, as same as the emails.

        1. Why do I get mails: cannot be delivered?
                You may get a few emails in your mail box of "email cannot be delivered"
                        when you use "Don't know, use all" carriers option.
                Your text message is actually sent, but only to one of the carriers.
                For example, there are 7 carriers in USA, if you choose "Don't know, use all",
                the application will send 7 emails. If your friend is with Sprint, only the email to Sprint
                will be delivered, while 6 other emails cannot be delivered.
                From these messages, you can find out which carrier is correct and next time you can choose the correct carrier.

                If you only picked a single carrier, and the email was not delivered, please verify if you put
                        the correct full phone number, or if you chose the correct carrier.
                        You may choose "Don't know, use all" instead.

2. Is it really free? Yes, it is. Sending text and receiving the response in email are free. When your friend clicks Reply to your text, the response will come to your email and you get it for free. Note if someone sends you a regular SMS to your PHONE NUMBER, which has NOTHING TO DO with Text-for-Free application, you will be charged by your telcom. So always using Text-Free to send / receive text message is better.
3. International Free Text: Following countries are supported, and we will add more countries for update: USA Austria Australia Brazil Canada France Germany India Ireland Japan Malaysia The Netherlands Norway Panama Portugal Russia Singapore Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine