My Brain Age -- IvMob iPhone Application

"My Brain Age" helps users find out how old her/his brain is, and improve short term memory.

.Support English, German, French, and Spanish.

Good News:
1. The game is changed to 15 levels from a single level game, as many users requested.
2. Each level has 7 challenges, and each challenge has 3 to 8 questions.
3. The game  includes numbers, animal images, audio sound for numbers, 
   float, addition, multiplication,clock reading, and "PI - 3.1415926...".
   Counting animal legs is fun, and math and PI are challenging.
4. The last 2 levels help users memorize 40 digits of  "PI: 3.1415296...".
5. Users can advance or seek different levels.
6. Current game level is saved on exit for restore.
7. Multiple background images with soft color are applied for eye protection.
8. The game's secret message is displayed at level 11.
9. Users can play each level, find how old the brain is, and can keep practicing to get younger brain age.
10. Music sound effect is added at each play.